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G-ZERO Lathe Presentation  (PPLATHE.EXE - 4,309 KB)
Run PPLATHE.EXE to install this presentation of G-ZERO Conversational CAM Software for Lathes.  When running presentation, use mouse-click or space-bar to go to the next screen, use right-mouse-click and select end-show to end presentation.


G-ZERO Lathe v4.4 Home Version  (10,988 KB)
Download the tutorial manual in PDF format separately from the Documentation section of this page, and follow the tutorial to learn G-ZERO Lathe.  Home version includes a 90-Day Trial of: CAD Reader, Solid Verification, and Sample Posts. 
Run lathe42000home.exe to start installation of G-ZERO Lathe v4.2 Home Version.  WARNING: do not install Home Version on a computer that already has a full version of G-ZERO Lathe.
System required:  Windows 95 or newer.

Documentation / Help
Note: PDF files require Acrobat Reader (TM).   You can download it from www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/readstep.html

Lathe Tutorial Manual  (L-TUTOR.PDF - 579 KB)
Color manual that includes nine projects you can use to teach yourself how to program CNCs using G-ZERO.  (Download G-ZERO Lathe Home Version if you don't already have it).

Lathe Reference - Basics  (L-BASICS.PDF - 361 KB)
This manual contains information about the basic operation of G-ZERO Conversational CAM Software for Lathes.

Lathe Reference - Commands  (L-COMM.PDF - 195 KB)
Detail information on all commands used in G-ZERO Conversational CAM Software for Lathes.

Lathe - CAD Reader  (L-CAD.PDF - 169 KB)
Reference information and sample programs on how to import CAD/DXF files into your source programs.

Lathe - Live Tooling  (L-LIVETL.PDF - 89 KB)
Live Tooling commands and sample programming: end-milling, cross-milling, end-drilling, cross-drilling.

Lathe - Power Tips  (L-TIPS.PDF - 125 KB)
Five pages of information on Roughing and Pipe Threading.

Lathe - Quick Reference Card  (L-QCARD.PDF - 118 KB)
This Quick Reference Card contains a list of all Lathe commands as well as a list of funcion keys, source editing shortcuts, CAD Import sequence, and reference for programming Groove, SuperRough, and Pipe Threading.



Sample Source Files

Tutorial Project-1: Initial Tour  (2 KB)
Tutorial Project-2: Bushing  (2 KB)
Tutorial Project-3: Hub  (4 KB)
Tutorial Project-4: Hub (revisions)  (4 KB)
Tutorial Project-5: Pulley  (6 KB)
Tutorial Project-6: Punch  (4 KB)
Tutorial Project-7: Housing-A  (5 KB)
Tutorial Project-7: Housing-B  (6 KB)
Tutorial Project-8: Seal Collar  (5 KB)
Tutorial Project-9: Funnel  (9 KB)


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