Want a quick easy way to stay thoroughly backed up in case of computer failure?

Smarter Win95 and Win98 backups using XCOPY

  1. Find a large drive (ZIP drive or another computer's drive over the network).  Let's call it X:
  2. Go to the good old DOS prompt START|Programs|MS-DOS Prompt
    This plops you down in your Windows folder (C:\WINDOWS>)
  3. Go to MILL (or LATHE) directory by typing CD\MILL
  4. Create a folder to copy to:
        MD X:\MILL
        CD X:\MILL
  5. Use a very powerful DOS command to do the backup: XCOPY *.* X:/S/D
    This copies all your G-ZERO programs, plus your data, so you will have a complete, ready to run backup system if something goes wrong.
    /D causes only newly touched files to be copied (so, the next time you run it, it will be MUCH faster).
    /S copies all files within subdirectories.

More sophisticated Windows-style programs are also available for little or no money:
(All prices are subject to change without notice)

Windows 98's built-in backup
Look at Start|Programs|Accessories|System Tools|Backup  (you may have to install it from your Windows98 CD)

Mehul's Backup     MEHLBCKP.ZIP  (Free)

Norton Zip Rescue
Symantec Corp.:     NTZIPRSC.ZIP  (Free)

Pact Software:     PROFIL32.ZIP  ($14)

Second Copy 97
Centered Systems:     SECOPY.ZIP  ($29.95)


But what if a fire or theft were to take your backup out at the same moment?
(All prices are subject to change without notice)

Try carrying your source data out of the building at least once a week.  Some people use tape backup.  We at Rapid Output use several methods including a CD disk we burn every month and store off-site.  We also use a remote PC, which we backup to right over the Internet (see below).

Also remember that your Electronic or Priority Support subscription includes storage of an emergency backup copy of your G-ZERO CAM System and posts (as long as you've sent us current copies of your posts).


You can even backup over the Internet!
(All prices are subject to change without notice)

Let the phone carry your data to a safe, off-site vault every day by using a service that lets you store data on their hard drive, thousands of miles away.  Here are a few examples:

Atrieva Internet FileZone
(888) 287-4382  --  $5.00 per month for up to 50MB

(800) 538-2000  --  $99.00 per year for 100MB

Compaq Online.backup
(800) 282-6672  --  $20.00 per month for 1GB

Connected Online Backup
(800) 647-3078  --  $20.00 per month per client computer

SafeGuard Interactive Backup
(800) 510-5003  --  $10.00 per month for unlimited storage